Other Name: white-flowered gourd

Period/Seasonal Colour: smooth skin resembling a large zucchini of yellow green colour

Height: 30cm dia and 40cm height grow bags

Where To Plant: Bottle gourd can be grown in ground in your garden or in pot.

When To Plant: Bottle gourd is a summer growing vegetable

How To Plant: Raise the seedlings in a 4 inch pot indoors or in ground by sowing 2 seeds, half inch deep. Keep the pot moist. You can soak the seeds in water overnight to speed up germinationIn about 10 days.

Added Benefits: Bottle gourd or lauki is low in calories and a very good source of potassium. It has many health benefits (health benefits of bottle gourd juice)

Tips: In late spring, transfer the plant to the prepared bed containing compost  and manure.. Water regularly. They need plenty of water in the growing season but hate wet feet.

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